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Dr. Manu Modi B.D.S M.D.S. (Prosthodontics)    Dr. Mona Modi B.D.S (Cosmetic Dentist, Endodontist)

About us

32 Facts Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Centre has secured its name among the most respected dental centers in India. It is the largest multispecialty dental facility with a record of providing some of the best dental treatments. The quintessential skills of its dental surgeons, high standards of hygiene and amalgamation of technology makes it a top dental center clinic in Delhi. Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Centre Ashok Vihar is spread at an area of 2000 square feet. The visitors can have a glance of its latest technologies, get world class treatment facilities with the help of an amiable staff at the clinic. All these will definitely bring a satisfactory smile on the visitor's face.

The team comprises of high professional dentists that have a good amount of experience in their respective field. With its noteworthy list of highly-qualified dentists, the clinic offers some of the finest, superior and latest treatments like dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, smile correction, gap closures, fixed teeth, root canal treatment, gum surgery, kids dentistry, laser dentistry, gummy smile correction metal free crowns, wisdom teeth extraction, dental x-rays etc.

This clinic aims to provide a sophisticated dental care experience, where new era dentistry is practiced to meet the specific requirement of the patients. It has been rewarded with the most prestigious award of the 'Best Dental and Prosthodontic Clinic in Delhi' consecutively for three years, which are 2012, 2013 and 2014. The establishment is the result of few likeminded and futuristic professionals that delved into the field of dentistry with an exclusive aim to make dental treatment affordable for Indians. The dentists at this clinic personally take care of each and every patient. It strives to provide a unique environment, best high-end technologies and world class dental treatments. This dedication of the clinic towards the community makes it one of the reliable and most trusted dental and Prosthodontic centers in Delhi. It provides all kinds of dental treatment and strictly adhere to the international guidelines of infection control procedures. Instruments used in our clinic are either disposable or thoroughly sterilized before and after the treatment. The dental assistants ensures that patients have a pleasant experience here.

The updated and fully equipped in-house laboratory of the clinic has some of the latest equipments. To ensure the health and safety of our clients is the priority of Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Centre. The clinic is outfitted with ozone air purifiers to make sure that the environment is free from all kinds of infections. All rooms in the clinic are sterilized on regular basis which leaves no chances for bacteria to survive. The dental clinic is committed towards providing the best dental treatment through rigorous measures and by combating any kind of infection.

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