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Are Dental Implants for you

If you are looking for the treatment for missing teeth or broken teeth then you should visit the best dentist in your area. Make sure that the dental clinic right there also has the facilities for orthodontic treatments. This is because for missing teeth, the best treatment is dental implants. Here's some information on dental implants so that you can take the right decision that whether or not it is apt for you!

Do you need dental implant treatment?

If you have missing teeth then you don't have an option but to opt for dental implants only. This is because the empty space over there would make the situation grave and then there might be infection in the gums too. So, if you have missing or fractured teeth, you must immediately see the dentist and seek treatment quickly.

Information on dental implants

• Many people have thinking that dental implants are quite painful. But in most of the cases, if the dentist is an expert and knows how to tackle your case then the surgery will not be painful. This is because local anesthesia is used for the same. After the anesthesia wears off, there will be slight pain. But your dentist would have prescribed you pain killing medications.

• If you have decided to go for dental implants then you should leave smoking and drinking habits. Also, you should take good care of your other teeth and gums. If by chance you have gum disease then your dentist will not opt for the implant treatment. This is because; in this treatment the root has to be attached to the jaw bone. The titanium root will then stimulate the bone and then in a few weeks it would just feel like the natural thing. After a few weeks implant or the crown has to be attached to the root. This completes the treatment.

• If you have diabetes then too your doctor will tell you to do the test. If diabetes is not in control then you will have to postpone the treatment till the blood sugar levels come under control.

• Before dental implants x-rays have to be taken to know the exact issue and after that the decision can be taken as to whether you are suitable for the dental implant treatment or not.

• In some cases if there has been bone loss or the basal bone is damaged then the dentist will have to call off the treatment.

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There are many myths surrounding the real information on this treatment. You should therefore talk to your dentist and get the best advice from him. Together you with your doctor will be able to assess that whether dental implants is for you or not.



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