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Facts And Benefits Of Restoration Of Teeth Through Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implants are the best solution for the loss of natural teeth, which can be a result from an accident or lack of oral dental hygiene. With the advent of advanced technology in the world of Dental Surgery, this process has now become safe regardless of the age of the patient.

Dental Implants - An All Round Solution
Implants provide a natural support to your jaw as it is attached with the healthy bone, and a strong support is given to dental crown and dentures. They are artificial titanium roots that are inserted into patient's jaw bone through a process of Osseo integration, which involves an intricate surgical procedure. The jaw bone integrates well with titanium and keeps the implants anchored permanently.

Benefits of Dental Implants
Tooth implants success rate has gone up in the recent years being a perfect replica for the natural lost teeth. Here are some of the benefits of fixed teeth treatment:

• Improvement in appearance: Modern implants fuse with the jaw bone, so they look permanent and natural like your own teeth and enhance your appearance.

• Comfort level: They provide high-level of comfort as you can now get rid of the hassle of maintaining removable dentures. Implants are fixed permanently into your mouth.

• Imparts clear speech: Poor-fitted denture can make the teeth slip within the mouth, which can make you slur or mumble the words. With the tooth implants, one does not have to worry about slipping of teeth.

• Gaining of Self-Confidence: Due to broken teeth, people get hesitant to go out in public or talk in social gatherings. However, with this procedure, one gains their self-esteem from having a perfect set of pearly teeth.

• Enjoy your food: Sliding dentures can make it difficult for you to eat or chew your food. But with the implants, one can enjoy their favorite food without any pain as they function like your natural teeth.

• Durable in nature: Dental implants are durable since they are attached permanently into the jaw bone and if taken proper care, they can last a lifetime.

• Improved oral hygiene: Implants are fixed on a place of broken tooth. It does not have any adverse affect on other teeth and gums. This also helps in improving oral health as other teeth remain intact and easier access is done between them.

Success rate of fixed teeth treatment is reported to be around 98% in today's time with the usage of modern equipment. With proper aftercare, they can last lifetime too.

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