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Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath is not just a cause of social humiliation but can also be fatal for health adversely. Bad breath, in medical is termed as halitosis. It is usually the cause of oral hygiene habits such like poor dieting, smoking, and the food you eat. Dehydration, digestion issues organ infection may be the other culprits. Bad odour may vary from one to another person.

People stay over concerned about the bad odour that may spoil the atmosphere around even if they have very less. Others may be unaware of the bad odour they have. Try placing your palm on your mouth and nose and breath and have a breath check.

Be it your first date, an important official meeting or any other occasion, a bad breath may spoil one's moment. It can degrade the very first impression and may result in people cutting a corner from you. Now, what can be worse?


If you don't brush your teeth daily, food particle may stay stuck to your teeth, tongue and around gums. This results in bad odour. Here are some treatment remedies:
1. Ensure having teeth brushed daily. In addition, brushing twice a day can help you fight the plaque development, which in turn gives a bad breath.
2. Bad breath may also be a cause of bacterial formation on tongue areas, to fight this use a tongue scraper.
3. Make regular dental visits.


Drink enough water can help to curb a bad odour arising out of breaths. When body doesn't possess enough water, mouth is incapable of producing saliva, which keeps the mouth dry and produces a bad odour.

Before, during or after heavy exercises, drink enough water so as to keep the moisture built in the mouth, after the rapid breaths which dry the mouth.

Also, it is advisable to drink water in morning after you wake up to fight against the bacteria which may have developed overnight.

Eat Real Healthy:
We may often hear our adults screaming for green vegetables and other healthy edibles for consumption rather than other junkies.

Avoid certain food like onion, garlic, etc before any outing or make sure you rinse your mouth well before any meeting.

Choose a diet that is capable of fighting odour-causing germs and also helps out in better saliva flow.

Use a Mouth Rinse:
There are lot many brands who brought up different mouth rinse solutions to the market. It helps in plague removal and also freshens the breath.

Fresh breaths are the symbols of a happy health while bad breath indicates an upset health. So, we are here to deliver to the best of our potentials to serve your purpose. Listed remedies could be adopted in daily schedules for a bad breath treatment. Then, why to spoil personal image among peers with the bad breath?

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