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CEREC - Dental Crowns

Forget the conventional and time-consuming dental restoration process in which you have to wait all day. 32 Facts Modi Dental has reversed this trend now – through next generation technology.

Renowned dental care centre of Delhi and NCR, 32 Facts Modi Dental, has made dental restorations faster and comfortable to facilitate same day dental crowns with the help of latest technology.

CEREC – the New Age in Dentistry
32 Facts Modi Dental is such a dental care centre that is always open to technological innovations and CEREC is an incredible example of this.

CEREC, the abbreviation for Chair-side Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics, is the most advanced system today for making top quality dental crowns and for producing other dental restorations. Our dentists use many unique features of this system.

  1. Its 3D photography arrangement helps our experts to exactly determine the size of dental crown required for you.
  2. The CAD or computer aided designing and CAM computer aided machining in it helps our dentists to design precise virtual crown for you.

Unlike the conventional method, we don't have to waste time in taking impressions; thus producing dental crowns becomes rather fast and exact.

Revolutionary addition at 32 Facts Modi Dental
Dental crown technology has evolved and we at 32 Facts Modi Dental are one of the pioneers to include it in our services. With the help of sophistication this latest technology offers, we are better off in producing world-class dental crowns and offer outstanding features to the patients.

Some noteworthy aspects of this are as under:

  1. You get most accurate dental crowns – just as your requirement.
  2. You don't have to wait long – the crowns get ready quickly and very affordably.
  3. You get crowns of international standard and world's best material.

Precisely speaking, CEREC same day dental crowns presented by 32 Facts Modi Dental are a step into the future of dentistry. This arrangement is a highly convenient and extraordinarily effective inclusion in the assortment of same day dental treatment services that we offer.

To get the benefit of our exclusive service CEREC same day dental crowns, call us TODAY!

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