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Dental Fillings

When a tooth is decayed or a small part of it is broken,it has to be filled with a material which can enhance its appearence, strength and life. Although, there are many materials available for this purpose,but composite resins,also known as 'white fillings' suffices all the requirements. Being high in strength and tooth coloured, it is the most preffered substance for restoring the missing portions of tooth.

Here, at MODI's '32 Facts' prosthodontic and implant centre, we have various materials like Ivoclar,Empress,Clinpro, Restofill for various treatment requirements

It is a very conservative procedure requiring least shaping of the tooth as compared to other conventional materials like amalgam and others that require gross shaping of tooth adding upon its disadvantages of being non aesthetic.

Its superior aesthetics and ease of treatment masks the high cost of it, making it the filling of choice by most of the patients. From a small cavity to a grossly damaged tooth, it is used everywhere.



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