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Smile Correction

Crown lengthening is a very common procedure in the field of dentistry and is often done while doing a root canal or at times for filling. In the crown lengthening procedure, the tissue of gum is removed, or bone level is adjusted so that the tooth can get more exposure. A surgical procedure is used to carry out Crown lengthening. The process is required when the tooth needs to be treated for a tooth related issue, but the tooth above the gum is too small to be treated and does not allow crown or filling.


Reasons for Crown Lengthening
- It is required when there is a tooth breakage from gum line thereby shortening the length of the tooth.
- In the case of severe tooth decay below the gum line.
- In the case of a tooth which has broken beneath the gum line.
- It is required to strengthen the restorative procedures done on teeth so that they don't fall or get weaken.
- It acts as an anchor in case of any restorative action required in future such as veneers or more.
- It may be done to improve the smile. Some people have many gum tissues over teeth, so the procedure resurrects their smile.

The surgery procedure
Before surgery, you may get a tooth cleaning done. The dentist might even put a temporary crown of the tooth. The surgery is done using a local anaesthesia, and the duration of the procedure depends on the number of the tooth to be treated. The surgeon will put small incisions on the gums and pull them away to expose roots and bones. Once the dental surgery is done, the affected area will be washed with sterile water of salt and the gums will be stitched in a perfect manner.

After the surgery, you will be given pain relievers and also a mouth rinse and will be put on a soft food and juice diet. You can brush your teeth following surgery but avoid the gums while doing so. You might see a swelling on your face which can be removed by placing ice packs. The stitches will be taken out after a couple of days. You will be asked for follow-up visits, and the healing might take in a period of 3 months after which the final crown will be placed.

Precautions to be taken post-surgery
- Rinse mouth after each meal with water.
- Vigorous rinsing should be avoided as well as vigorous brushing.
- Avoid using a straw for drinking liquids as it can lead to dislodging of a blood clot.
- Avoid extreme hot or extreme cold foods.
- Do not touch the affected area with fingers or using your tongue.

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