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Teeth Bridges

Teeth Bridge or more commonly known as Dental Bridge is used to bridge the gap between one or more teeth. A bridge is made using two or more crowns as required on both sides of the gap. These teeth work as anchors and are termed as abutment teeth. There is a false tooth in between which fills the gap which is known as Pontics. The Pontics can be made from a wide array of options such as alloys, porcelain or gold. Dental bridge gets support from implanted teeth or natural teeth.

Advantages of Teeth Bridge

- The bridge restores the smile lost because of lost tooth
- The ability to chew food and speak increases
- It resurrects the shape of face
- By teeth replacement it properly divides the force of bite
- It prevents the rest of the teeth from positioning apart

The types of dental bridges are:

- The conventional Bridges are made from using a crown on either side of the missing tooth with placing a pontic in the gap. These traditional bridges are widely used and very common form of Bridges which are made from porcelain to metal and ceramic.

- When there are teeth adjacent on just one side of missing tooth, Cantilever Bridges are used. This way of treatment is not very commonly found. Also, it is not advisable for the back of the mouth as it can apply force to other teeth and can cause damage to them.

- The third type of bridges is Maryland bonded also known as resin-bonded. The bridges are made of porcelain, Plastic or metal. The gums are supported with a metal framework or Porcelain framework. The wings made from porcelain or metal are bonded to the existing teeth on one side of the bridge.

The crown is used to cover the damaged tooth thereby strengthening it to avoid further damage. The crown also improves the aesthetic appearance of the tooth along with shaping and alignment. The crown also enables proper functioning of the tooth. The advantage of porcelain and the ceramic tooth is that they can be made in matching the colour of the natural teeth. However, other materials such as gold, acrylic, metal alloys and ceramic are stronger than the tooth made from porcelain and can be advised for back teeth.

The Dental bridge procedure can be finished in two sessions, and it provides brilliant comfort while chewing. They do not require to be removed for cleaning and have a long life. Also aesthetically they look as good as natural teeth. While the bridges last for a lifetime, at times they can become loose and may fall out. Practising oral hygiene is the only way to ensure the longevity of the bridge.


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