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Dental Crowns

The dental crown treatments are common type of dental treatments which help you to place a cover over your damaged or uneven shaped teeth and to improve its look and its strength too.

The dental crowns fit well over the shape of teeth when cemented and it fully encase the visible portion of teeth which can be seen above the gum line.

Why Is a Dental Crown Needed?

Dental crown can be fitted well on the following situations:
• Instead of removing weak tooth, it can be well protected by placing a crown over it.
• A tooth which is strong but broken can be restored with a dental crown.
• When not many teeth left in mouth, dental crown can support and hold a tooth for long.
• When a tooth gets severely discolored and needs to be hidden.
• To give an even look to the teeth which otherwise looks odd.
• Dental crown is also used to hold the dental bridge placed in mouth.
• It helps in covering dental implant or to make any cosmetic dental modification.


Dental crown can be useful for the children at young age and it can help the children in following ways:

• It helps in supporting the teeth which are damaged due to decay and which cannot be refilled.
• It helps to maintain child's teeth clean and strong when daily oral hygiene is not maintained.
• Dental crown is safer, easier and does not need anesthesia to be given frequently. It works effectively for the young child.
• Most pediatric dentists recommend stainless steel dental crown for the children. It is easier to maintain, remains clean and stronger.

The different types of dental crowns are:

Stainless steel crown: It is prefabricated crown which is used on permanent teeth. It is used as a temporary measure. Mostly for children the stainless steel crown is preferred. It covers entire tooth and offers complete protection. The stainless steel crowns are cost-effective does not any extra maintenance.

Metal crown: the various metals used in the crowns are gold alloy, base-metal alloy which includes nickel or chromium. The teeth with metal crowns remain stronger and last for long. Metal crown have the main drawback is its color so are mostly used for out-of-sight molar teeth.

All-resin dental crowns: These are not expensive type of crowns when compared with the other types but they do not last longer.

All-ceramic dental crowns: These are the best and most expensive crown which provide natural color and do not get the metal allergies. The ceramic dental caps are mainly preferred for the frontal teeth.

The steps involved while getting the dental crown for your tooth.

1. Examine of dental problem:
Let the dentist examine the tooth for which you want to have the crown. Dentist will check the tooth for its extensive decay and explain you the entire process of placing the dental crown.

2. Preparing the dental crown:
Dentist will test the tooth and surrounding bone. If necessary, then the root canal treatment will be given. Tooth will be cleaned and filled into a shape. Temporary crown will be put over the tooth.

3. Placing the permanent dental crown:
A permanent dental crown which is made of either metal or ceramic will be placed over the teeth by removing the temporary crown. You will have to visit dentist few times to make sure that the dental crown gets fitted well and works properly.


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