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Dental Implant Companies

Globally, the dental implant companies have learnt ways to manage infection successfully. No more, there is fear of any complication. Naturally, this has led to a surge in the Global Dental Implants Market, which is expected to become worth of USD 23.8 million by the year 2018. These companies now have implantable devices that are more stable and permit no failures.

As per the recent report of Markets & Research, more than 68% of adults of an age between 35 and 44 years are suffering from a tooth loss due to an accident, a gum disease, decay of tooth or a root canal failure. Consequently, the market has a bright future, and the companies are leaving no less effort to offer the best of fixed teeth service to ensure a dazzling smile.

The best thing is that they are offering implants at a reasonable cost. However, the cost of a tooth implants depends upon various factors. If you are seriously thinking to contact a dental clinic for a successful permanent teeth treatment, it is good to remember that cost of an implant treatment varies from one clinic to another and is influenced by several factors.

Factors influencing cost:-

Some of the factors that largely affect the overall cost of an implant treatment offered by a dental clinic are as follows:

Experience of a dental surgeon – The more will be the years of experience, higher are the chances of a big fee amount.

Type of abutment and crown - In a tooth fixation procedure, choices of crown and abutment are crucial in determining the cost as angulated abutments and zirconium crowns are pretty expensive.

Numbers of people involved - If a dental surgery is done by a single surgeon, cost is supposed to be low in comparison with more people involved in the process.

Use of CAD/CAM - Any use of sophisticated software for assessment of the case makes a treatment quite expensive.

Moreover, FDA certified implants cost more than the non-certified ones. The type of anesthesia and the shape of implants also matter a lot. Since it will be difficult for you to get to the details of all these cost-influencing factors, it is best to contact a dental clinic, which enjoys a considerable repute for its high implant success rate.

Not all clinics charge a hefty amount for a dental implant treatment for their clients as they are committed to making the process affordable without compromising on the quality aspect. Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic is one such dental clinic located in Delhi, India. This ISO 9000-2000 certified clinic is a multi-specialty one spreading on a vast area of 2000 square feet and offers a variety of dental treatments under one roof. It is located within an easy reach to the airport and railway station. If you are already residing in India or planning to visit India for an affordable dental implant treatment, contact Modi Dental clinic by calling at +91-9811232927 and book an appointment today!

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