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Dental Implant Types and Procedures

Millions of people each year go for a dental implant, but there is always a sense of worry lingering in some corner of their head. This is because apart from having knowledge that such a surgical process is safe, they have no idea about the actual procedure or the types of implants. Moreover, the technical jargons used by the dentists make no sense to them. So, let us unravel the mystery behind the same.

Based on placement, implants are of the following types:

• Subperiosteal Implants
These have a metal framework that rests inside the gum tissue of the jawbone. Only the posts remain above the gum tissue for easy replacement of teeth.

• Endosteal Implants
These are of different shapes like a screw, cylinder, bladed, and much more. An excellent alternative to detachable dentures, dentists place these implants directly on the jawbone.

• Transosteal Implants
The implants consist of screws that penetrated the entire jaw bone. Used rarely by dentists, these have a pressure plate at the bottom.

Dentists usually choose the above implant types as per the availability of the jaw bone. Implants are also of two types depending on their size i.e. standard implant platform and wide implant platform.

Types of Dental Implant Procedure:-
Today, dentists for a successful implant use various types of procedures. Let us have a look at the same below.

• Two-Stage Dental Implants
In this procedure, a dentist performs a surgery to place an implant. The patient is called for a minor surgery after some months of healing to attach an abutment and a crown. This procedure is selected by him or her when the stress is less on offering an immediate cosmetic solution.

• Single-Stage Dental Implants
The procedure involves placing an implant into the jawbone via a surgery and attaching the abutment. After a period of 3-6 months when the implant gets fused with the jawbone, a crown is placed. The procedure is preferred when the jawbone quality is good.

• Immediate Loading
This process involves an implant as well as crown placement during a single visit. Sufficient bone quantity is a prime requirement to follow this type of procedure. Individual health and your present medications (if any) also influence the choice of dental implant type and procedure. Therefore, now that you are well aware about the implants, if you are suffering from a missing tooth, it is advisable to go for a consultation with an experienced dentist at a well-known dental clinic.

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