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Different Procedures of Dental Implants

During the ancient times, there were fewer options to chew food in case of a missing or damaged tooth. The procedure used cause intolerable pain and a less success rate. Even a few years back, dental implant was not popular for its expensiveness. However, due to advancement in the field of dentistry over the years, many new processes are now there to fix the problem of missing or damaged tooth. Let us have a look at the variety of procedures of dental implants and its benefits in brief.

Variety of Dental Implant Procedures
Today, the popular types of procedures followed by dentists for a fixed tooth treatment are the following ones:

Two-Stage Dental Implants - Pioneered by Bränemark, a Swedish physician, this procedure is the most conventional approach adopted by the dentists worldwide. The procedure is a better choice when a patient has a poor bone density. The downside is, it takes a long time to complete and requires two surgical procedures.

Single-Stage Dental Implants - Nowadays, patients prefer single-stage implant as it is not time-consuming and requires only one surgery. Dentists prefer this procedure in cases where the jaw bone quality is good.

Immediate Loading - The procedure demands less time for both placement of the implant and the temporary crown. It is advisable to eat a soft diet for at least months after undergoing an immediate implant.

Myriads of Benefits

Dental implants are becoming popular not only because these are now largely affordable but for plenty of benefits.

• Last long for years - Tooth implants are durable and this is the biggest benefit as earlier popularly used dental bridges have a life span of only 5-7 years.

• Returns a dazzling smile - A missing tooth cause embarrassment for many, especially teens. The self-esteem goes down, but the fixed teeth treatment boosts the same by returning their dazzling smile.

• Prevent bone loss - A missing tooth onset gradual degradation of the jaw bones and implants prevents the same by stimulating the jaw bones.

• Freedom of enjoying favorite food - The biggest inconvenience faced due to loss of tooth or teeth is to depend only on a semi-solid diet. The implants enable the patients to enjoy their favorite food as they work exactly like natural teeth.

In addition, implants remain in the mouth without causing any sense of discomfort, and one can brush the teeth or do flossing same as before. With the help of modern techniques, clinics are now well-equipped to offer crowns that exactly match with the tooth color.

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