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Dental Implants Treatment Gallery

Case No (1) Patient reported to our clinic with a dental concern in upper teeth. We had performed root canal treatments in upper teeth followed by fixed partial denture. Post the treatment due to bone loss upper teeth were extracted followed by Dental Implants. 6 Dental implants were placed in the upper jaw. 3 months period was followed allowing integration of implants to the bone ,post which prosthesis were delivered to the patient.
Case No (2) Treated by multiple implants.
Case No (3) Patient wanted replacement of her Missing Lower Teeth, that were fixed with Implants followed by full arch Lower Bridge.
Case No (5) Patient, presented with severe bone loss and lower Incisor falling off on its own, Grade 3 Mobility in Upper and Lower Anteriors, severe sensitivity & food lodgement in Posterior region.

Provisional Diagnosis : Juvenile Periodontitis extended to Chronic Generalized Periodontitis

Treatment done :

Restorations in Posterior teeth

Periodontal Flap Surgery followed by Bone Grafting for all the 4 quadrants

Extraction of lower anteriors and 4 Implants were placed followed by temporization the same day

Case No (6) Immediate Implant Placement after Extraction followed by Temporization the same day and final prosthesis after 3 months
Case No (7) Missing and Deformed Teeth Replaced with Bridge in Upper Arch.
Case No (8) Lower Left Missing teeth replaced with Implants and Bridge - Endosseous and Basal Implants. Bone Grafting was also done at places where Bone found was Insufficient.

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