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Dental Surgery

Dental Surgeries at 32 Facts

Since Oral Maxillofacial Surgery is a surgical specialty it is easy to define the spectrum by re-examining the types of surgery performed by its specialists.

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery is a surgical specialty which involves the surgery, diagnosis and connected treatment of diseases, defects, injuries which involves both functional and aesthetic aspects of hard and soft tissues of the maxillofacial and oral region. This mainly deals with the surgery of osseous tissue surgery, wisdom teeth, facial trauma, corrective jaw surgery, oral pathology, dental implants, diseases related to temporomandibular joints, infection of jaw bones and mouth, anaesthesia and bone grafts, reconstructive surgery of facial and jaws and orthognathic surgery.

Dento-Alveolar Surgery which includes the extraction of teeth, recontouring of alveolar bone and uncovering of teeth for orthodontic traction. Surgical removal of bony tumors, soft tissue of odontogenic and other origins.

Orthognathic surgery is reposition of cheek and orbital bones, nasal structures, upper and lower chin and jaws. This is done in conjugation with orthodontic movement of the teeth as it is also done to facilitate placement of prosthetic devices.

Reconstruction of developmental, congenital, post –trauma, post tumor or age related oro-facial tissues including the forehead temporal regions, anterior and inferior facial structure. Cosmetic surgery is included in this scope which comprises of the surgery of brows, forehead, brows, eyelids, facial skin, ears and neck.

This process also includes the trauma surgery of neck, head and facial area. In case of complex multi-system trauma, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons function as members of multi-specialty team.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) surgery for various kinds of functional or inflammatory disorders of the soft tissues, bony disorders like osteoarthritis or TMJ tumors or Ankylosis are also carried out successfullyin our clinic.

Surgeries are carried out to support oral and facial prosthetic devices which includes bony and soft tissue surgery to recreate a favorable anatomy for dentures, interosseous implants to oral prostheses and facial prostheses like alloplastic ears, noses and eyes.

The surgery is carried out for the following:

Wisdom Teeth Removal / Impactions:
Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars which every person gets by early twenties of late teens. Some people have only four wisdom teeth while others have few or more wisdom teeth. These final set of teeth can be an asset when they are properly aligned and remain healthy. But the problem arises when they are misaligned and requires removal of teeth. Wisdom teeth is usually removed for two basic reasons the first is when the teeth have an adverse effect and second when the teeth starts creating an issue on chewing or speaking.

This type of endodontic surgical procedure is suggested for patients having inflammation and infection in the area adjacent to the root tip after the root canal therapy and the root canal treatment. It is also known as Root End Resection which is an endodontic surgical procedure where the root tip or the adjacent infected tissues of the abscessed tooth is removed and the root end cavity is created and filled with a particular kind of biocompatible material.

Jaw Fracture:
It is a type of facial injury where the broken jaw or fractured jaw can lead to normal alignment between the upper and lower teeth, the patient suffers from broken maxilla or mandible. 90% of mandible or jaw fractures can be treated with a proper treatment as it gets healed restoring the normal alignment of jaw and teeth.

The surgical method for removing of operculum or the flap is known as operculectomy. The flap of the tissue which covers the erupted teeth is known operculum. This partial erupted tooth might lead to gum diseases, infection in the adjacent tissues or inflammation of gums. It is needed to remove the partially erupted wisdom teeth.

Bone Grafting :
The transplantation of bone tissue is known bone grafting and is a surgical procedure done for the restoration of bone which occurs due to trauma, ill-fitting dentures, disease, tooth loss or rebuilding of bone tissues around the dental implants or gums. The bone utilized for grafting can be taken from any part of the body, and can be manmade or from the donor. Only if the graft is accepted by the patient's body it serves as a firm framework where the living and the fresh bone can develop again.

Dental Implants :
Dental implants are metal framework or posts that are surgically positioned into the jaw bone under the gums so that the replaced bridges or teeth can be mounted on it. They resemble the natural tooth root and can be fixed easily to the jawbone. This process of dental implant offers a firm support to the bridges of the artificial teeth.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder :
As we all know, the muscles and joints function together and the problems occur which lead to headaches, ear pain, locked jaws, stiffness and clicking sounds. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder majorly occurs in patient having issue in their jaw joints and adjacent facial muscles which are responsible for moving the jaw and chewing. This is medically referred to disorders like the Costen Syndrome or the myofacial pain dysfunction.

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