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Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are also called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates. It is a thin custom-made shell made of tooth colored material and it fits over the front surface of the teeth. It changes the size, color and the shape of the teeth completely. The dental veneers improve the appearance of a person by offering customized change in your face which makes your smile effective.

The dental veneers are made of either porcelain veneers or the of resin composite materials which are strain-resistance and can mimic the light reflecting properties of the teeth in most natural way. The choice of veneer and the color depends on the original color of your teeth. You can discuss with the dentist and decide the most suitable veneer material for your teeth.


How useful is the dental veneer?

Dental veneer is useful in fixing the routine dental problems such as:

• Treating the discolored teeth is the most common problem to be fixed using veneer.
• Teeth get damaged or worn down
• Teeth get chipped or broken completely.
• Uneven shaped teeth or the teeth in irregular sizes.
• Teeth are either having gaps in between or too close to each other.

How does Dental Veneer fix the dental problems?

To get the dental veneer done according to your dental problem is a lengthy process. You have to make few trips to the dentist to get the dental veneer treatment done successfully.

Diagnosis and planning for the treatment

You have to visit the dentist and have consultation about the dental problem that you have. You need to explain the dentist about the result that you expect after the treatment. The dentist will examine your teeth and will offer you the suggestions and the appropriate treatment. The dentist will explain you the entire process and suggest you the most fitting dental veneer which can suit you the best. Once you understand and agreed for the treatment then the dentist will mark the impressions of your mouth and teeth with the help of x-ray.

Preparation for the dental veneer treatment

To prepare the dental veneer which can match color of your teeth, the dentist removes enamel from your tooth surface which is of thickness of the veneer to be placed over it. You may be given anesthesia before removing the enamel. At Modi Dental Clinic in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi dentist will prepare the model of your teeth and it will be sent to the dental laboratory for constructing the veneer. The entire process takes 2- 4 weeks of time.

Lengthy bonding process

Before fitting the veneer permanently over your teeth, the dentist will place it temporarily to match its color and shape. The color of the veneer can be adjusted with equal shade of cement. The teeth will be cleaned, refined and carved so that the dental veneer will fit well when placed over it. The veneer will be fixed permanently over your teeth. Bonding is longer process which can be of 2- 3 weeks. Dentist makes final adjustments and also checks the response from the gums to the entire treatment.



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