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Prosthodontic Treatment

It is undeniable fact that to have healthy dentition, healthy gums is utmost important. Prosthodontic is the branch of dentistry that deals with the conditions affecting the tissues that support the teeth. A Prosthdontist basically take care of maintenance and restoration of oral appearance, comfort, and function and oral health of the patients by replacing the contiguous tissues and missing teeth with artificial substitutes.

Gum infection is the most hazardous ailment and it is an omnipresent lesion which may lead to teeth loss. It has been discovered that patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other systematic conditions have direct relation with this type of oral health disorder. So, if you have multiple teeth missing and finding difficulty in chewing food, then you must approach Modi Dental Clinic for a specialized Prosthodontic Treatment.

Modi Dental Clinic has been in the field for past many years, serving a wide variety of patients with its groundbreaking Prosthodontic Treatment Services. Be it a full mouth rehabilitation or single tooth restoration, Modi Dental Clinic has the right solutions for your need and help you to get the smile you dreamt for.

Prosthodontist performs this treatment procedures to replace missing teeth or to enrich the appearance of damaged, broken or shipped teeth. This treatment is carried out to deal with congenital problems and defects that may arise due to negligence or trauma. Through this dental treatment procedure complete rehabilitation of dentition or replacement of one or more teeth can be done.

Benefits of Our Prosthodontic Treatments!

• Through this treatment procedure, our highly qualified Prosthodontist strive to bring back the sparkling smile you always dreamt for
• After the procedure, patients will definitely have beautiful, white and elegant shaped teeth
• Patients can experience exceptional chewing abilities after the procedure
• The oral issues like severe tooth discoloration, cracks, chips, and wear & tear will be well addressed with our Prosthodontic Treatment Services
• The treatment will be offered by some of the highly qualified and experienced Prosthodontists having advanced knowledge in dealing with most critical conditions like traumatic injury, cleft palate and complex restorations.

Area Of specialization

Removable Prosthodontics: This field of mainly deals with the replacement of the teeth or creating fitting for patients with no or very little teeth with complete or partial removable dentures. Our expert Prosthodontists will guide you with the best suited solutions by considering your condition.

Fixed Prosthodontics: Under this treatment procedure, the professional Prosthodontists will either replace or restore the missing teeth with the help of artificial substitute like esthetic veneers, fixed partial dentures, crowns and restoring surgically placed implants. These substitutes are not removable as it is fixed permanently.

Implants: This branch of mainly deals with replacement of the lost tooth or teeth by using dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth root that are surgically fixed into the jaw bone of the patients to firmly hold the replacement bridge or crown in place. This treatment procedure is very complex compared to traditional bridgework as the implants used in the procedure doesn't rely on the adjacent jaw bones or teeth for support.

At Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic Delhi make use of IPS Empress Porcelain so as to offer natural looking teeth. Our dental clinic offers comprehensive range of dental treatment services ranging from partial & complete dentures to crows/bridges and dental implants.

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