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Teeth Aligner

The clear aligners are developed to help the teeth into the proper position and are alternatives to traditional braces. The clear aligners are useful in gradually forcing the tooth movement without using metal wires or brackets. The aligners made of plastic material are well-designed and fabricated to fit into any person's mouth. The series of aligners help the teeth to move into the desired place fitting perfectly well.

Aligners and biomechanics

The aligners should be worn at least 20 hours a day for getting the best results and to get the effective result. Every aligner should be worn for about three weeks before changing it to new one. The treatment of the aligners is mainly based on the severity of individual case. Sometime the aligners have to be worn for 3 weeks or in some other cases it should be placed around the teeth for about six months.

According to the study the clear aligners provide 11% of orthodontic care. But the utilization of the aligners is getting increased by 1% to 2% every year. Most of the dentists offer the aligners to the patients where they are used effectively. It is also advised to the people interested to know more about aligners to find more information and read the scientific literature relating to aligners.

The information available about the aligners helps in understanding the level of evidence and finding about the various clinical trials along with the reviews. It can create awareness among the people about the usage of the aligners and also about the biomechanics of tooth movement which uses the aligners for successful treatments.

Dentist prefer aligner therapy

The most common misunderstanding about the aligners is that it provides a good smile on the face. But in reality, it is not the manufacturers of the aligners but the dentists and the surgeon who make the decision and offers the best of treatments to the patients and make them smile. It is very clear that the aligners are effective in treating the teeth in proper positions but the aligners have to be used under the expertise of dentists who suggest the best of techniques and treatments. It is not just the aligners but the experienced dentists who make the difference and help the patients to overcome the detail problems and make them smile.

Most dentists make use of the aligner therapy. The fundamental of the aligner therapy is that the aligner should be used for a period of time till it works over the alignment of the teeth in much proper way. Long term or short term treatment once offered to the patient, it needs to taken under complete guidance and supervision of the dentist who keep the track of every small change in the position of the teeth.

The clear aligners are highly effective and can perform wonders if they are used under observation of experienced dentists.

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