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Straighten Teeth

In this modern and high tech world, everyone wants to look perfect. And when it comes to appearence, a pleasing smile with a beautiful set of well aligned teeth has a key role to play .

Every person has a differently organised set of teeth. Sometimes they are just fine ,but sometimes they are protruding out of the mouth or tilted, givng an unpleasent appearence. Depending upon the conditon,it can be treated by simple shaping procedures or with the help of braces if the teeth are more deranged.

It is a highly successful ,non-harming and non-surgical procedure where using simpe natural forces from teeth,the discomforting and deviated teeth are arranged in an ideal manner. It may take a few months to an year as per the condition.


A proper,well planned line of treatment is made following the important investigation like radiographs. Also ,it may need extraction of one or more teeth in a case where there is no space for repositioning the teeth in the jaw. Then remaining teeth are pushed back slowly using wires and brackets ,that can be made up of stainless steel or can be tooth colored.

MODI'S '32 Facts' Dental clinic provides all the advanced treatments to Fix Buck Teeth without Braces like metal braces, tooth coloured composite braces, lingual braces, Invisalign (invisible, bracket free method).



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