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Fractured Tooth Treatment

A tooth has two layers, Enamel and Dentin,that encase and protect the innermost delicate portion of tooth, the Pulp. Any harm to these layers can permanently damage the tooth structure. A broken tooth is known to be a fractured tooth. This fracture can be a minor one(flaking/chipping) involving enamel or it can be a major one,involving dentin or pulp at times. The fracture can be a vertical, horizontal or oblique.

Most of the times, minor fracture or chipping can be restored by layering or veneering. But for a major fracture, thorough investigation involving radiographs, various tests to detect the extent of fracture. Some fractures may even loosen up the tooth due to which gum start bleeding. To avoid losing the tooth permanently, it is splinted or fixed with a wire with adjacent teeth and left untouched ,allowing it to heal up. A periodic check over weeks or months is necessary to assess the status of tooth. It may need a Root canal treatment in future. In some instances, the tooth may come out as a whole , where it is important to check whether it is a milk tooth or a permanent tooth. It is often avoided to replace a milk tooth but a permanent tooth has some chanced to be placed back depending upon the condition of the tooth. Generally the space of permanent tooth is to be replaced by an artificial tooth. The other serious complication is if a tooth gets fractured horizontally, vertically or oblioquely that may or may not involve pulp.


At Dr. Modi's 32 Facts prosthodontic and implant centre, we offer all the possible treatments for fractured tooth cases. The tooth splinting, cosmetic layering or veneering, root canal treatments etc. ,all the required procedures are provided here to restore your beautiful smile and make it perfect.



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