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Dental Implants

There are many people who have lost all their teeth or on the verge of losing. But with the passage of time many techniques have been evolved in dentistry which can safely replace all your teeth. One such advanced and most reliable technique is dental implants. These implant teeth function as well as look like real teeth. They are even maintained with same oral practices as real teeth which include flossing and regular brushing.

There are many benefits of a full dental implant. There are new surgeries which enable functional teeth from the very first day of implant surgery. The implants restore normal facial structure which creates a youthful appearance as well as enable normal functioning.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

- Implants have revolutionized permanent replacement of tooth. It has transformed and given new life to many people who were toothless with a permanent solution which is very safe and comfortable as well as reliable.

- They help in preventing loss of density of jawbones which is impossible when one has lost teeth.

- Dental implants help in stabilizing the bones present around them.

- They maintain bone strength as well as bone dimension,

- They are far better than dentures

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Dental Implant procedure:

The dental implant is very small and screw-shaped. It will replace the root of your missing teeth, the place which is in the bone just beneath our gums. The implants are made from titanium which has the ability to fuse the bones. This process is known as osseointegration which makes implants very reliable as well as sturdy.

After inserting the implants into jawbones with a surgical procedure, the fixed bridges are attached to them which look as well as function just like your real teeth. The procedure will be finished on the same day for both jaws.


The steps of implant procedure are as follows:

- Analysis

- Diagnostics

- Planning

- Precision surgery

- Temporary teeth

- Healing phase

- Permanent teeth

The success of the implant will depend on:

- While placing the implants, they should be completely immobile so that the osseointegration takes place accurately. Any force which causes the implant to move even minutely may cause damage to integration which may, in turn, lead to implant failure. For first 6-8 weeks, a soft diet is mandatory

- The implants should be placed strategically which offers effective support. Connecting implants with new teeth will help in stabilizing each other.

Modi Dental Clinic

Teeth are an essential part of our appearance and teeth loss leads to severe damage to one's body as well as it hampers the confidence of the person. It also affects the functions like chewing, talking and smiling. The toothless person soon loses his facial structure making it hollow. Hence it is required to get a full mouth implant at a reliable clinic. At Modi Dental Clinic in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi, we offer a comprehensive solution to all dental issues. Our expert team of doctors with years of experience offers quality treatment. We wish to impart healthy smile to all our patients.



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