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The denture is a replacement made for teeth which is removable. The denture is made of an acrylic plastic material and in few cases with porcelain or metal material. The denture has pretty close resemblance to natural teeth and gum tissues. In the case of full upper and lower denture, they will replace all the teeth while there are partial dentures too which simply fill the space that has been created by missing teeth. It will prevent other surrounding teeth from shifting aside.

Complete dentures are either immediate or the conventional ones. The immediate one is complete or partial denture which is inserted on the same day after removing natural teeth. Immediate dentures are used as band-aid which protects tissue as well as reduce the bleeding once tooth extraction is done. The conventional denture can be placed in mouth after 8 to 12 weeks after your teeth have been extracted and after the gum tissue heals.


Who would need a Denture?
The partial denture is for individuals who have few natural teeth intact. Also, dentures are not only for senior or elderly patients. People can lose teeth at any age, and all teeth may require some sort of denture. Teeth have an important role in the appearance of a person and teeth loss can impact the confidence of a person. Hence, your dentist can help you in getting dentures which enable normal functioning as well as enhance aesthetic appeal.

Types of Dentures:
- Traditional/conventional complete full dentures
- Partial dentures
- Custom dentures
- Immediate dentures
- Implant supported dentures
- Snap-in dentures
- Overdentures
- Upper dentures
- Economy dentures

Procedure of Dentures:
The dentist will make a full denture when all the teeth of person have fallen, or tooth extraction has been done. The procedure would take almost one month and about five appointments. The initial diagnosis is made with a wax impression so that the dimension of jaw position is determined. First, the try-in denture is placed followed by a conventional denture.

What happens after a Denture?
The wearers with new dentures would need some time to get adjusted with the new teeth since the dentures even with perfect fitting will feel awkward initially. Few patients even feel discomfort while talking while there are patients who start speaking within few hours of getting dentures. There will be discomfort in eating also for few days, and the patient would be recommended to take a liquid and soft diet.

How to care for your denture?
- Denture adhesive is recommended for stability as well as retention of dentures. The stability would promote comfort to the wearer.
- The denture should must be removed and brushed on a daily basis.
- Don't use boiling water for sterilizing
- Soak indenture wearing when not wearing it
- Store in safe place

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