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Smile Correction

Our mouth comprises of many hard and soft tissues. The soft tissues are inclusive of the tongue, lips, gums and inner cheeks while hard tissues are inclusive of the jawbone and our teeth. The symmetry between upper teeth and lower teeth and relationship with jaw joints is known as occlusion or bite. A healthy function of mouth will depend on all these working together. And when they don't work in harmony, oral health is compromised.

When the dental issues are too many and can't be corrected with few procedures, a full mouth restoration is recommended. Restorative dentistry is a set of many procedures which are designed to repair teeth with damage, replace the missing teeth, correct faulty bites, correct jaw positioning, repair gum damage and treat mouth diseases. These procedures might be done separately, but it is advised when multiple issues crop up. This is known as full mouth restoration.


Reasons for full mouth restoration:
In few patients, the damages might occur with passage of time, but many patients are born with dental issues such as Amelogenesis or Ectodermal Dysplasia. These conditions require extensive restoration. The restoration will combine aesthetics with the science of reconstruction to improve functions and beauty of mouth.

- Loss of teeth due to decay or because of trauma.
- For injured and fractured teeth
- Teeth which get worn out because of acid erosion in long-term from beverages and food items
- Regular complaints of muscle, jaw or a headache which require bite adjustments.

Treatments for Full mouth restoration:
The treatments for full mouth restoration are crowns, veneers, bridges and dental implants. These will provide improved efficiency and chew along with beautification and smile makeover.

Full mouth restoration with Crowns:
The crown is placed on teeth to resurrect the damaged teeth and improve their appearance as well as functioning. An experienced dentist can help full mouth restoration with a crown. The crown will require two visits to your dentist, the first for preparation and getting impression and second for getting permanent crown. After giving the impressions, ceramist will fabricate the crown. After the permanent crown is made, the final restoration is done with a temporary one.

The patient will have to wear a temporary crown before proceeding for a permanent one. When there is a cavity or deep tooth fracture, a root canal is done. A root canal takes a single visit, and once the procedure is done and there is no infection in the mouth, the dentist will put a permanent crown on teeth.

Full mouth restoration is an extensive and sensitive process since it includes the whole mouth. Hence it is required to be carried out by an expert dentist at authorized clinics which have wide experience in the procedures with high success ratio. Modi Dental offers comprehensive treatment for all dental issues. Our expert team of doctors has years of experience in dentistry who provide best and quality treatments to our patients in a safe environment. We wish to provide a satisfactory experience to all patients so that they leave with a healthy smile.



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