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Gingival Flap Surgery

Gum-associated diseases, implants, certain teeth removing procedures bone shaping, all need this minor surgical procedure. Here, a small cut is placed on gums, a thin layer of gums is temporarily folded back over to reach bone and roots of teeth in diseased area.

At Modi's '32 Facts' Prosthodontic centre, we provide special services to cure all the gum related problems with latest equiments and laser-based systems like Diode lasers.

Also for implant placements,rectify smiles ,to reduce the overgrown gums, to shape up the bone and clean the roots of teeth, implant placements as well as designing smiles , it is most commonly required and preferred method to start with. It proves direct access to the region which needs therapy without harming any healthy area, unnecessarily.

Usually followed by a very few medications, it gives immediate and beautiful results.



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