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Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Dental Surgery

Patients who are diagnosed with periodontal or gum disease are always asked to under a periodontal surgery. Everyone desires to have healthy teeth and dental condition, but the most crucial fact which is often overlooked by professionals and patients is Periodontium which includes bones and gums surroundings the tooth. When the periodontist diagnose that the tissues around your teeth is not healthy and can't be further repaired with non-surgical procedures, then they suggest periodontal surgery before the condition worsens. The most commonly offered surgical treatments include Regenerative Procedures and Pocket Procedures.

We at 32 Facts Modi Dental Center always support maintenance and improvement of bones, gums and tissues surrounding the teeth with our wide range of non-surgical and surgical modalities including, oral prophylaxis, curettage, and Flap surgeries with or without bone grafts.

What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontal Surgery is a minor surgical procedure which is conducted under local anesthetic by a certified Periodontal Surgeon. The surgical procedure involves folding the tissues or gums back enough from the tooth so that the surgeon can view the root surfaces of the tooth. The surgeon removes the deep bacterial deposits crusted on the root of the tooth. After the removal of the bacteria gums are reattach and the body again accepts the root surfaces. The surgical procedure also enables the surgeon to graft bones in the defects so as to repair the damages. After the preparation of the root, the gum is again closed back with stitches and dressing may be placed so as to keep the operated area intact, at least for a week.

The first line of treatment offered at 32 Facts for advanced cases of gum diseases are root planning, scaling merged with exceptional home remedies so as to prevent the bacterial deposits from forming in root surfaces. When the disease is unmanageable with non-surgical procedure, our expert professionals recommend periodontal surgery. Modi Dental Clinic in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi believes that it is better and necessary to preserve the residual, instead of replacing the missing.



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