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Smile Makeover

A smile is aptly called the most beautiful curve on a person. It is also the first thing a person notices on your face. It is obvious people wish for a perfect smile. However, a perfect smile is all about perception and aesthetics. Some people may genuinely have an issue with their smile which is due to dental reasons.
Gummy smile is one of those smiles which many people wish to get corrected. A gummy smile is the one where along with teeth even the gums are visible while smiling. In a gummy smile either the teeth look too small or gum tissue appears so much that teeth do not make an impact. Gummy smile is caused because of disproportionate harmony between teeth, upper jaw or gum tissues.

Gumminess in smile is combination of:

- The proportion of gum tissue appearance
- The size of teeth as well as their shape
- The movement and length of upper lip
- The position of upper jaw along with teeth in proportion to skull

A gummy smile can make a person feel self-conscious. There are some amazing options to correct a gummy smile if it hampers a person's well-being or comfort. A lot of options are at your rescue to correct the gummy smile which the dentist will determine analyzing your situation as getting an idea of the underlying issue will help to decide and approach the line of treatment.

The reasons for Gummy smile are:

- Over development of elevation muscle in upper lip
- Closely joined upper lips and gums
- Gum tissue in excess
- Small sized teeth
- The facial muscles

If you have a gummy smile and that also due to the upper lip lifting when you smile, then gummy smile correction can be a possible solution for you. It does not necessarily mean that small teeth cause a gummy smile, it may happen because of imbalance between the upper lip and gums.

The possible treatments for a Gummy smile are:

- Treatment to loose the close joint between upper lip and the gums
- Gummy smile myotomy surgery
- Botox injections which elevate the muscles in upper lip
- Correction of gums with surgery
- Cosmetic dentist treatments
- Detachment of upper lip
- Re-positioning of lips
- Re-positioning of bone with surgery


A professional check-up can only determine the actual cause which can lead to pleasing results. If the issue is serious, the dentist might refer you to a periodontist, oral surgeon or orthodontist. The treatment can include more than one treatment.

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