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Internal bleaching

Internal bleaching is the method of tooth whitening from inside out. Unlike over-the-counter solutions which are used to whiten the tooth internal bleaching is carried out at the dentist's office. The treatment requires an invasive method because it is important that a professional conducts the tooth bleaching in a controlled surrounding.

The procedure for internal bleaching is carried out by the inserting the chemical oxidizing agent into the tooth. This is achieved by drilling into the tooth using the same drills which are applied in the root canals. The agent is left in the tooth for up to two weeks and then replaced with more chemicals until the tooth attains the desired level of whiteness. Once this treatment is done, the hole is filled to ensure that foreign matter is not able to invade the teeth to create any issues.

Every candidate is not eligible for internal bleaching. First the doctor assesses the degree of staining and discoloration. Only if our dentists at 32 Facts feel that the use of over-the counter products or external bleaching agents will achieve the desired results then he or she may not suggest internal bleaching treatment.

Nowadays, the most common and safest internal bleaching agent is sodium perborate. It is a hydrogen peroxide releasing agent and when it is mixed with hydrogen peroxide it accelerates the rate of color change. In case of extreme discoloration it is safe to mix about 3% of hydrogen peroxide with sodium perborate.





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