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Dental Braces Treatment

If you want to have beautiful smile then you should get the perfectly fitted braces which gives you a reason to smile. The braces for the teeth can change your look and make you feel confident with a smile on your face.

The invisible braces look aesthetic and remain hidden even when fitted over the teeth.

The invisible braces are well suited for
• Overbite
• Crowded teeth or widely spread teeth
• Crooked teeth

The orthodontic treatments offer the use of different types of braces as follows:
• Metal Braces
• Invisalign
• Ceramic Braces
• Lingual Braces (iBraces)

Invisible Braces treatments The invisible braces have become more popular among the adult and teenagers because it makes a person less self-conscious while wearing the invisible braces.

Supports advanced technology
The invisible braces are mainly designed for adults and the teenagers. The young children or the babies are not recommended to make use of the invisible braces. The invisible braces are supported by the advanced technology which is useful in predicting the tooth movement and helps to straighten the teeth in a short period of time.

The invisible braces are designed with clear aligner treatment which is mainly for the adults. It needs absolute and cooperation when the invisible braces are fixed over the teeth for about 20 - 22 hours. One should not forget to keep them over the teeth as an everyday exercise.

Attached to the back of teeth
There are different types of braces which includes the most popular ceramic braces. The ceramics braces have tooth colored brackets and sometime having tooth colored wires too. The ceramic invisible braces get blend with the teeth and that makes it invisible. The lingual braces or the iBraces have clear aligners. The aligners fit well around the teeth and remain invisible.

But the invisible braces are made of thin composite material and are brittle than the stronger metal braces. Also the ceramic braces cannot be removed as easily as the metal braces and ceramic braces cannot be removed until the treatment is completed. Also ceramic braces need longer treatment-time because they are thin and not as powerful as the metal braces. The ceramic braces which are invisible cost more than the ordinary metal braces.

The ibraces are designed according to the scanned images of the inside of the teeth. The invisible braces are attached to the back of the teeth and remain hidden from the view. The hidden braces are mainly preferred by the people who are in the public and often feel self-confidence.

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