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Smile Correction

While talking about a perfect smile, people mostly consider only their teeth. However, our gums play an equally important role in defining a beautiful smile. They also frame the teeth, hence if they are discoloured or misshaped, it spoils the look of your teeth and mouth appears little strange. One of the common reasons for dark pigments on gums is your genes. Excess melanin in gums makes them brown or black rather than pink. The extra pigment is not a reflection of some disease or any kind of dysfunction. The treatments are only sought after for aesthetic preferences of individuals for pink gums.

Reasons for gum pigmentation

- Poor dental care routine is also one of the reasons for gum pigmentation.
- Gums can also become discoloured because of any kind of infection and scarring.
- Ethnicity plays a pivotal role in determining the colour of your gums. People who have dark skin mostly have darker gums.
- Personal habits like chewing tobacco and smoking can cause discolouration. Bleaching can't always help in depigmentation unless a person changes his ways of oral hygiene and care.
- Many people get adversely affected by certain medications which change their gum colour.
- It can be a side effect from amalgam fillings done on the gum.

Gum depigmentation can be done with the help of gum bleaching. It is a cosmetic procedure used in dentistry which lightens and removes dark spots from gums. The depigmentation techniques can be inclusive of surgical as well as laser techniques.


Laser Gum depigmentation

Melanocytes cells reside inside basal layer of gingival epithelium. These cells cause the production of melanin. Melanin is pigmented which cause discoloration and dark spots. A laser treatment will target the Melanocytes, thereby reducing production of the melanin in gingival tissue. Following the laser depigmentation treatment, the gingiva will heal which will result in lighter and uniform coloured gums.

The treatment is painless as patients might need only topical anaesthesia. It is a permanent procedure which can last up to 20 years. The dentist will perform an evaluation of gums to decide if they are in healthy condition and ready to be treated without any type of gum diseases.

Laser depigmentation procedure

- The dentist will check the gums for infections, cuts or any other abnormalities.
- After applying gentle anaesthetics, if you feel low tolerance for pain, extra shots might be given to the patient.
- After that a laser beam will be directed to gums and the dark patches will blast away.
- The treatment will last for 20-45 minutes.
- If cared properly, the positive effects of treatment will last for a lifetime.
- A minimal pain might be experienced, but the patient can speak and eat properly after few years.

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