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Noble Biocare Dental Implants

In order to improve the quality of life for the patients suffering from dental problems, Noble Biocare Dental Implants have offered advanced dental medical services and the innovative restorative dental solutions. The company is leading the dental services by offering wide range of dental medical devices and all types of dental solutions.

Manufacturers of dental implants

The Nobel Biocare manufactures different types of dental implants and individualized prosthetics which is based on CAD/CAM technology. The company is founded in year 2002. The core business of the company is to produce dental implants along with the scanners and software designed especially to examine the patients, diagnosis the diseases and to plan various implant treatments. The treatments and the surgeries can be customized as per the patients and the implant surgeries. Nobel Biocare also offers training programs which can train the dental professionals from several different countries.

The company is situated in Switzerland and having established the dental care organization with forty years of research and development experience. It has about 2500 employees working at all different levels and offering the latest dental medical techniques and the advanced dental medications.

Offers natural smile

The motto of Nobel Biocare Company is to offer the natural smile which can last all your lifetime. The high quality of products and the innovative services offered improves the quality of life of the patients. The Nobel Biocare is ISO certified company which follows the international norms while offering the various services relating to quality of the products, well-designed manufacturing unit, facilities in form warehousing, order processing, activities relating to sales and marketing related strategies and the overall distribution network.

The manufacturing of the products can undergo cold work which helps in adding the durability and strength to the quality products. The implants have two types of drilling conventions. The tapered convention used in the implants helps in for step by step drilling procedures and the parallel type convention remains the most useful and requires minimum drilling and offers reflexive fitting for the bones. The entire process of the manufacturing the quality products is mainly based on the CP titanium which especially offers strength. The patented technologies such as Groovy and TiUnite are used in advanced operations.

(1) Mrs Sudesh Chawla - (IND)

(2) Mr. Pradeep Kawatra - (USA)

(3) Pradeep Jain - (IND)



Dental implantology

In year 2002, the company established a domicile in Switzerland with the newly founded group. Today Noble Biocare leads the market and offers the best of dental implant solutions all over the world. In year 2005, the company introduced the guided surgery as a part of dental implantology.

The company has maintained its standard for last twenty years while it serves the people across the world. The company has maintained the pure titanium level of the products which are manufactured over the years.



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