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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment generally abbreviated as, RCT is the dental procedure of filling the canal developed in between teeth because of any infection, a very bad decaying of tooth or any other problem. Procedure is followed by removing diseased or damage nerve. After removal, areas inside are cleaned, filled and sealed with some filling material (like silver). If the damage is left untreated, the surrounding tissue may develop dental abscess which may be indeed very severe and painful.

Nerve inside the teeth are highly vulnerable to bacterial formation in case of cracks and chips that may develop because of any reason including repeated dental procedures. These nerves are responsible for the feel of hot or cold sensitivity by teeth. And hence, the absence or damage of the nerve will affect the usual routine and in turn cause pain and problems.

It has been seen in majority cases people acronym RCT with followed unbearable pain. However, in maximum cases patient suffer myth of pain on their assumptions on other people's experience.

Root canal treatment is generally performed in few of the dentist visits by the dentist or experts itself, called an endodontist.

RCT treatment is a stepwise dental proceeding. Firstly, an X-ray of root canals present is taken to know about the infection. Secondly the affected area is numbed by the anaesthesia, which in most cases is preferable by patient. Once numb, in third step, the decayed or infected tissue is removed. Left out space is thoroughly cleaned to prevent any further infections in future.

After the cleaning, the root canal is filled with the compound called gutta percha. This step performs the anti bacterial function. The final step is to correct the tooth position by a crown; this is to prevent any tooth fracture.

Paineless Root Canal Treatment (RCT) AT Modi Dental Clinic Ashok Vihar, North Delhi

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