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Patient Gallery

(1) Multiple pulpectomies and CAD cam crown in 1 day
(2)Full Mouth Dental Implant
(3)Dental Veneers
(4)Diastema Closure
(5) Zirconia Crown
(6) Teeth Whitening
(7) Clinical Case-Veneer
This female patient, with age 28 yrs came with a complaint of dirty teeth and an unaesthetic tooth in upper front left side of mouth. The patient has been treated with a thorough oral prophylaxis followed by veneering of the tooth.
(8) Zirconia Bridges
Patient came with missing upper right front tooth. With the support of two adjacent teeth,ZIRCONIA bridge were given to the patient.
(9) Metal Ceramic Crowns
Mr. Shiv Narayan Singh,aged 78yrs, came with a concern of multiple broken and mobile teeth with difficulty in chewing food. So, multiple RCTs followed by metal-ceramic crowns were delivered to the patient ,restoring his beautiful smile.
(10) Dental Implant - Full Mouth
Patient came with a problem in chewing food and multiple loose teeth in upper and lower jaw and was interested in getting a whole new set of teeth in both the jaws. So after removal of all the weakened teeth and placement of multiple implants, he was given implant supported bridge.
(11) Fractured Tooth
This patient, Md. Zaid Siddiqui, age 17 yrs, had come with fractured upper left front two teeth and wanted to get them shaped up like before. A root canal treatment followed by special veneers k/a Componeers is done.
(12) Root Canal and Zirconia Crowns
Patient had suffered anterior trauma resulting in fracture of upper front two teeth. Root canal was performed for upper front 5 teeth and Zirconia Crowns were placed restoring the function, shape, size of the tooth and natural smile line of the patient
(13) Composite Veneers
Fractured front tooth (central incisor) due to trauma in childhood. Composite veneers were performed restoring the cosmetics and functionality.
(14) Chair side Composite Veneers
8 year old with both central incisors fractured during fall. Patient had high frenal attachment and midline diastemma. Chair side composite veneers were performed and teeth were restored back to normal.
(15) Bleaching Teeth/Teeth Whitening
Patient Reported to the clinic with a chief complaint of yellow teeth. Teeth Whitening was performed and 2 shade whiter results were achieved.
(16) Case of Zirconia Crowns
Patient Reported with fractured Central Incisor with pulpal involvement.Root Canal Treatment was done followed by Zirconia Crown.
(17) Case of Dental Veneers
Patient Reported with trauma resulting fracture of frontal tooth. Composite Veneers were done to restore the structure and shade of the tooth.
Patient reported with missing teeth in lower jaw needing replacement 2 Dental Implants were placed and a Implant supported over denture was given with respect to lower jaw
Patient reported to us with malalignment of teeth seeking immediate and fast treatment. The case was treated through Inman Aligners taking upto 7 weeks for completion
57 year old with anterior trauma and mobile frontal teeth treated with Root Canals and Zirconia Crowns
Case of anterior trauma. Upper front incisors fractured Immediate Extraction followed by immediate Implant placement followed by Zirconia Crown.
Case of full mouth rehabilitation All teeth extracted Upper single complete denture and lower Implant supported denture
(23) Composite Veneer
(24) Complete Denture
(25) Dental Implants
(26) Implant Placement
(27) Broken Front Teeth
(28)Dental Veneers For Teeth Gap Closure Treatment
Patient reported with us with fractured crown involving the pulp. Since it was upper front tooth, patient was considered about his esthetics. After clinical examination and OPG, no periapical infection was revealed and post that root canal treatment was performed for the particular tooth followed by tooth preparation. Post the pre preparation, patient was given a zirconia crown for a more esthetic look.
Patient reported to our clinic with a dental concern in upper teeth. We had performed root canal treatments in upper teeth followed by fixed partial denture. Post the treatment due to bone loss upper teeth were extracted followed by Dental Implants. 6 Dental implants were placed in the upper jaw. 3 months period was followed allowing integration of implants to the bone ,post which prosthesis were delivered to the patient.
(31)Treated by multiple implants.
(32)Patient wanted replacement of her Missing Lower Teeth, that were fixed with Implants followed by full arch Lower Bridge.
(33) Patient with a broken and discoloured tooth in upper front region repaired with Root Canal Treatment followed by PFM crown.
(34) Patient, age 25, shy in nature and not confident of her smile, presented with minor mal-alignment and staining in upper front teeth, was treated with Veneer (Cosmetic Contouring) followed by Bleaching.
(35) Patient presented with an accidental fall due to which upper front teeth had come off, the missing teeth were replaced with CAD-CAM bridges.
(36) Gingival Enlargement happened because of neglect in Oral hygiene during Orthodontic Treatment and the next picture shows healthy Gingival Tissues 7 days post Laser Treatment.
(37) Diastema Closure with Cosmetic contouring.

(38) A Girl, 23yrs of age, presented with severe bone loss and lower Incisor falling off on its own, Grade 3 Mobility in Upper and Lower Anteriors, severe sensitivity & food lodgement in Posterior region.

Provisional Diagnosis : Juvenile Periodontitis extended to Chronic Generalized Periodontitis

Treatment done :

Restorations in Posterior teeth

Periodontal Flap Surgery followed by Bone Grafting for all the 4 quadrants

Extraction of lower anteriors and 4 Implants were placed followed by temporization the same day

(39)Immediate Implant Placement after Extraction followed by Temporization the same day and final prosthesis after 3 months
(40) A broken front tooth repaired with Cosmetic Contouring
(41) Patient unhappy with her existing state of teeth and was intersted in healthier smile and profile
(42) Girl of 28 yrs of age, (not intersted in Orthodontic Treatment), with a jetting out lateral incisor, had an everted lip, also unable to close her mouth at rest completely was treated with an intentional Root canal followed by Zirconia (Metal Free) crown.
(43) Front tooth repaired with Cosmetic Contouring.
(44) Patient presented with an over-retained milk tooth( shed off on its own) and an Impacted canine, interested in its replacement was given a CAD/CAM bridge.
(45) Missing and Deformed Teeth Replaced with Bridge in Upper Arch.
(46) Lower Left Missing teeth replaced with Implants and Bridge - Endosseous and Basal Implants. Bone Grafting was also done at places where Bone found was Insufficient.
(47) Gap Closure with Cosmetic Contouring in Single Sitting followed by Teeth Whitening.
(48) Facial Profile - CAD/CAM Veneers.