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Problems and Complications With Dental Implants

There are absolutely no problems in the case of dental implants. As the treatment involves a surgical procedure, many fear that it may cause health complications, which is not at all true. However, some people have indeed encountered some problems immediately or after some months or years of a successful dental implant. If you have a missed tooth and desire a fixed tooth treatment, it is best to get rid of all the worries.

Let us have a look at the possible problems or complications that one might encounter during or after a dental implant treatment.

• Failed Osseo integration
The formation of a connection (both structural and functional) between a patient's jawbones and the artificial implant is Osseo integration. Sometimes, there is failed Osseo integration i.e. the implant falls out of its place or there is a gradual bone loss surrounding the implant. This happens when an inexperienced dentist ends up overheating the jawbone during the drilling process. The poor density of bone or an inadequate positioning of the implant is also a contributor to such a problem.

• Peri-Implantitis
This causes an inflammation of the gum surrounding the implant. One can attribute poor hygiene of the patient for peri-implantitis. However, the presence of bacteria during surgery can also lead to this problem. Those who are diabetic, smokers or have a poor immune system are also prone to this disease. Sometimes, this sets in after months or even years of a successful implant.

• Nerve & Tissue Damage
Damage of tissue is a rare complication, but yes, some patients have experienced this after a dental implant. This happens when an implant is too close to a nerve by an inexperienced dentist. The symptoms are multiple like numb cheeks, chronic pain, tingling sensation, and much more. This is more when the implant is in the lower jawbone.

• Sinusitis
When an implant is in the upper jaws, it is quite challenging as a small mistake can result into sinusitis. This causes an inflammation of the cavities surrounding the nasal passage. When detected, dentists usually perform a corrective surgery. This happens when the implant protrudes inside the sinus cavity.

• Foreign Body Rejection
Now, this one is the rarest as most dentists use titanium, which the human body accepts. There are also some new materials used by dentists, and all have shown a high degree of acceptance. However, in some cases, our body rejects a foreign body and pushes it out leading to an implant failure.

You may be surprised to know that excessive teeth grinding can also lead a failure of your tooth treatment. Lastly, minimize all these problems or complications by choosing the best dentist for your tooth treatment. Contact Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic in Delhi, a multi-specialty clinic that has all modern equipment and is ISO 9000-2000 certified. For more information, please call at +91-9811232927. In most cases, problems are only when there is a lack of experience. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to choose a reputed dental clinic for a successful dental implant.

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