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Protruding teeth is a very common problem with teeth which is found in adults as well as children. Protruding teeth create many problems, and one of the major problems is mouth closure. Protruded teeth are caused when the position of your lower teeth in inwards the position of your upper teeth. In rare cases, even the lower lip is behind the upper teeth from the front side. This pushes the upper teeth more forward which enhances the damage.

Such protruding teeth are very unattractive and hamper the look of a person. Such teeth are vulnerable to accidental damage as well. The teeth also get worn unevenly. At times even the lower teeth can cause damage to the gum behind the top teeth from the front.


Protruding teeth can be a result of following:

- Genetic issues which are inherited from previous generations - Oral habits which damage the alignment
- Severe crowding of teeth leading to alignment issues

Protruding teeth can create many problems such as:

- Problem in chewing and speaking
- Problem with closure of mouth
- It enhances the chances of a tooth injury

Buck teeth or as we may call it overbite are one of the many types of misalignment. Dental science in modern times offers many ways in which the protruding teeth can be resurrected. The treatment will involve levelling and co-ordination along with aligning of upper and lower arches with the help of braces. In few cases, jaw surgery is required to correct the jaw line.

Some of the treatment options for protruding teeth include:

- Braces
Braces are a combination of wires and bands along with brackets. The dentist will first put the bracket on the teeth and then a wire will be passed from the brackets. The bands will be used to hold the wires in place. With this treatment, the protruding teeth will be straightened since the braces will be tightened from time to time. The braces work in a way where protruding teeth are brought in the correct position which is above the lower jaw line.

- Invisalign
As we know, protruding teeth is a problem common with adults too. But it can be embarrassing for them to wear braces due to professional and at times personal reasons too. There is a blessing for adults in the form of Invisalign. This uses a series of removable orthodontic trays made of clear plastic. These trays which are called aligners are used to correct protruded teeth in adults if the treatment plan is followed regularly. These aligners are less painful and apply very less force in comparison to fixed orthodontic techniques. These aligners are removable and hence enable easy brushing and oral care in comparison to conventional braces.

- Surgery
In some of the rare cases when the protruding teeth are because of skeletal deformity, surgery is recommended for best and faster results.

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