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Replacement of Missing Teeth Treatment

Replacement of Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Patients suffering from chronic dental problems and finding difficulty in chewing foods, eating, speaking and smiling may opt for dental implants at Modi Dental Clinic. Dental Implants are typically used in dentistry to replace missing or damaged natural teeth. It is an artificial tooth that is mainly utilized by dentists to support the restorations that look like natural tooth or a group of teeth. 32 facts specializes in replacement of damaged teeth permanently without pain and causing damages to the surroundings teeth. The highly qualified and proficient surgeons at Modi Dental Clinic have in-depth knowledge about dental implants that are widely used today in the field of dentistry Modi Dental implants Clinic is a one-stop dental care clinic where comprehensive range of dental services are offered including, dental surgeries, dental implants, tooth replacements, cosmetic surgeries, child dentistry, oral surgeries and many more. Offering finest dental implants of global standard at affordable rate is the aim of Modi Dental centre.


What are the Options to Replace Missing Teeth?

Replication of natural tooth root is known as dental implants and it is specifically designed to support the restorations and it resembles a group of teeth or tooth. The usual dental implants comprise of titanium screw that resemble a tooth root. The dental implant surgery is conducted as outpatient under local anesthesia by a qualified and certified dental surgeon. The implant is anchored into the jaw of the patient and it is fixed permanently so that patients can smile, speak and eat comfortably. Single implant generally gets completed in few hours, while multiple implants session may take long hours and sometime several visits is also necessary. Integration of implants into the jawbone may take few months after which the bridges or crowns are attached and fabricated into the dental plants.

How does teeth implant help Replacing missing teeth treatment?

• Damaged tooth can be easily replaced with dental implants without injuring any other parts or tooth.
• The dentures will become more safe and comfortable after dental implants.
• The problem of wearing and removing denture will be eliminated.
• Dental implants are safe for all age groups.

Modi Dental implants Clinic is a certified member of American Academy of Dentistry; thereby global standard tooth implant is guaranteed to replace the damaged natural teeth. We take the pride to have a lost list of pleased customers and we strive to keep our professionals updated with latest technological advancements and equipments so that finest treatments can be offered to our customers in the field of dentistry. Besides, the safety of our clients, we also focus on the appearance of our customers. The operations carried out in our dental hospital are painless and mainly based on the concept of offering expertise of diverse specialists in dental surgery so as to offer best-in-class dental care to the patients. Because of our holistic approach in dental care, we are able to offer world class dental implants and keep on striving to provide best possible dental health and well being. So, visit us today and we guarantee to bring back the smile forever you deserve.



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