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CEREC - Same Day Inlays/Onlays

You know that your smile is the only thing that adds value to your face. If your smile is appearing incomplete and imperfect due to some dental defects like fractures or cracks in the rear part or surface of the teeth, you need restoration.

At 32 Facts Modi Dental, you get technically sophisticated and expert dentistry solutions for all dental problems. Our service providing same day inlays/onlays incredibly facilitates patients with these problems and helps reinstate the original, glowing smile.

How do Inlays / Onlays help?
Various factors are responsible for the damage of teeth leading to severe dental problems. Some of the prime factors among them are gum disease, tooth decay or some injury. Any of these can challenge the dental health of the patient.

Inlays and Onlays are amazingly helpful in restoring the shape and size of teeth and in reinstating their structure as original. Dental inlays and onlays are prosthetics made from ceramics, gold or gold.

At 32 Facts Modi Dental, we use world-class, latest technology to design inlays and onlays – exactly as required. With our same day inlays onlays is an exclusive service, you enjoy some rare advantages:

  1. We use sophisticated computer aided designing (CAD) and computer aided machining (CAM), which is not available everywhere.
  2. With this, we can design most accurate and fitting inlays / onlays for you.
  3. No further damage is caused to your teeth and they remain safe.
  4. Prosthetics we make do not leave space for harmful germs or bacteria in the teeth.

32 Facts Modi Dental is one of the most advanced dentistry today. We have equipped our dental clinic with next generation machinery which facilitates quite expeditious, pretty affordable services and same day dental treatments.

When you are at 32 Facts, you can relax because:

  1. Your dental problems are diagnosed effectively and accurately.
  2. You can visit as per your schedule and get same day services like for inlays / onlays.
  3. You get very affordable solutions for any of your dental flaws.

For more information about our same day inlays / onlays, call us or write to us!

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