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CEREC - Partial Dentures

Smile is an inseparable part of your facial appearance – regardless of what age you are. 32 Facts Modi Dental is such a dentistry which is truly concerned about your smile. We use advanced technology for quick resolution of dental problems at all ages, from sixteen or sixty.

Aging is life's undeniable reality and as we age, tooth loss is a likely occurrence. This tooth loss in elderly years may leave infrequent gaps and thus become embarrassing.

We at 32 Facts Modi Dental take necessary corrective action not only to restore your original smile but also to take care of your oral health. Our same day partial dentures are an incredible service so as to best address this need and further, restore smile on your face.

Are you a candidate for partial denture?

Various factors can lead to dental flaws which can be corrected with partial dentures. You can be a candidate for partial denture in any of the following conditions:

If one of your teeth is missing and you are facing trouble chewing food, in speaking or experiencing misalignment, partial denture can help.

If the missing tooth has drifted or tilted another tooth close to it, this may disrupt the function of adjoining jaw too. In this case, the dentist may suggest partial denture.

32 Facts Modi Dental uses CAD/CAM Technology for Partial Dentures

We have equipped our dentistry with CEREC, which is the abbreviation for Chair-side Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics. This is a sophisticated technology which enables us in designing exact partial dentures on same day of your visit.

The CAD / CAM technology, which is computer aided designing and computer aided machining, is pivotal in providing precision to our service. As a result, our dentists are largely facilitated in designing same day partial dentures for you.

Some of the prime benefits of this technologically advanced service are as below:

  1. Partial dentures are designed quickly, so you don't have to wait long.

  2. Quality and accuracy of these partial dentures are indisputable.
  3. There is no risk to your oral health.

To check your oral health and see the possibility of partial denture in your case, call us today!

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