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Smile Designing

Just like any other makeover the smile makeover is targeted at improving appearance of your smile. The improvement is done through cosmetic dentistry in which one or more procedures may be applied. Generally, a makeover is done through procedures such as tooth implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening and composite bonding.

It is not unknown to us how important the smile is for any individual. It is the first thing which comes to notice when we meet a person. A good smile is always appreciated, and it enhances the confidence of an individual. A perfect smile can leave a great impression even on strangers. Hence, improving the smile can be one of your biggest investments. Treatment options for smile makeover.

The following treatments are used for a smile makeover:
Veneers – Porcelain veneers can be used in correction of minor malocclusions, chips, gap or crack in teeth. These veneers are used to create straight and uniform looking teeth which give natural looking teeth and healthy smile.

Dental Crowns/ Bridges – Dental crowns are used in correction of severe damages or tooth decay. The crowns are used on the tooth which would need extraction but can be saved with dental crowns and bridges. Crowns relieve a lot of pain and discomfort.

Teeth Whitening – With a professional procedure for teeth whitening, the appearance of teeth can be improved by 7-8 shades if your teeth have lost their natural shine and colour. Dental procedures can be used for teeth whitening and results can be long lasting.

Gum Lifting and Gum Reshaping – Some people have a gummy smile where the gums cover a significant part of teeth and appear more than normal when a person smiles. With lifting and reshaping options one can get rid of gummy smiles. Mostly the procedures are painless and comfortable which offer a natural smile at the end.

General Dentistry – A good oral health is mandatory for an individual as it has been seen that oral health has a link with the whole body. If there is an inflammation in gums, it can affect your physical health as well. Hence, dentistry procedures will improve your oral health.

Problems which can be addressed by Smile Makeover
- Discolouration in teeth
- Cracked teeth or chipped teeth
- Eroded teeth or misshaped teeth
- Gaps in between the teeth
- Minimal crooked teeth
- Gummy smiles
- Uneven gum line

Advantages of a Smile Makeover
- A makeover lessens the risk of worn down and overloaded teeth and makes it easier to clean and care for them.
- It has aesthetic benefits which boost confidence and self-esteem with perfect teeth.
- There is a decreased risk of tooth decay or infections if teeth have been straightened and repaired.
- The teeth will look as well as feel better with a beautiful white smile.
- Patients feel a sense of pride with new smiles, and they feel confident in social circles and workplace.


At Modi dental Clinic in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi , we put extra efforts in offering comprehensive treatment to our patients with a qualified and experienced team. We wish each patient leaves with a healthy smile.



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