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Smile Correction

First smile is your lasting smile, the aura you carry along and the persona you have makes people, they remember you for long. Now a days people believe there is nothing that they can do, but hold on we at 32 facts will help you solve this problem too. We have major cosmetic specialists who are ready to serve all you cosmetic issues like-

• Broken or chipped tooth, which were earlier treated with cap only
• Mutilated teeth
Stained teeth
• Weak or hypo plastic enamel
• Gap closure
Misaligned Teeth
• Cavity in the front teeth
• Minor crowding
• A Beautiful Smile Kills


A perfect curve on your face is our desire; at 32 facts we help you to fix flaws with your desired curve. We are well-equipped with a panel of dental experts who take proper care of patient communication and preparation and follow a mock wax ups and study models combined with a makeover so as to ensure a complete face value. Don't be tensed, your smile is as precious to us and so we have experts professionals to render our patients with smile modification and scalpel-free face lift. It is our practice and rich expertise that perfects your smile indeed.

Shaping the Smile Right

Mending your smile is wherein we completely assess and redesign your smile with a host of modern cosmetic dentistry procedures, taking into account your personality, face shape, tooth color, and tooth size. A smile is a token of gratitude and is something which passes on happiness to the one who receives it and also to the one who passes it.

Dental Veneers

In this procedure a thin layer of restorative tooth colored material is fixed over the tooth surface of the patient to enhance the look of the teeth and to protect the tooth from damages which is known as veneer. Usually two different types of veneers are used which are dental porcelain and composite porcelain. The composites are directly built in the mouth while the porcelain veneers are made in the laboratory, and later placed next to the tooth with the help of resin cement.

There are basically two types of dental veneers which are :

i. Composite veneers
ii. Porcelain veneers

Now don't worry because we at 32 facts help you beautify your everyday with an overall confident and charming smile, making it a reason for your popular personality.



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