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Stained Teeth

You are not the only one with the stained teeth! If we proceed with surveying country with what they want to correct on their faces, the most common reply would appropriately be to brighten their smile. Staining of teeth is the most common problem of the generation. Not only it curbs the beauty of smile but is also fatal health wise. Teeth staining may have multiple causes. Since, each cause is different in its nature, every of them should be treated in their own ways. If we take a glimpse broadly, there are three main causes:

1. Intrinsic Teeth Stain

Intrinsic implies internal, intrinsic teeth stain is the staining of internal layer of tooth, which lies just below the enamel of our tooth, called dentin. Dentin becomes yellower or darker naturally, the most common reason that could behold the cause is wearing away of enamel which is indeed followed by a poor mouth health. Since, these stains are because of internal issues of the tooth these cannot be removed with home remedies and hence require a step more deal of concern. Professional dentist treatment may be of great help. The product used by the experts for the particular issue treatment, contain the active ingredients that can remove the toughest of your stain. Another solution may be Crowning; it involves putting a colored cap on the tooth hiding the stain.

2. Extrinsic Teeth Stain

Extrinsic or external teeth stain occurs, when the enamel, the outer layer of tooth is stained.

Reasons for the extrinsic teeth staining may be smoking, alcohol consumption, cola, coffee or other food items. Tobacco chewing could be the other possible cause. These stains could be removed at home by using whitening toothpastes, these works by brushing the enamel. If the stain still persists, contact a doctor.

3. Growing Age Factor

Human body is nothing but a machine. As we grow older, many of our body part starts malfunctioning unlike any other machinery. Two of such are: darkening of dentin, and thinning of enamel.

Because, these stains are not on the enamel, therefore it requires treatment that can penetrate down treating the dentin. Although, there are at-home bleaching kits available in market for whitening of teeth. If you're still unhappy with the results, there are many in-office treatment kits available with our experts at Modi Dentals. Contacting a dentist may satisfy you for better.

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