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Teeth Cleaning

For many the process of teeth whitening is something which is only destined for celebs. But, you must know the fact that white teeth always showcase healthy oral health and dental condition. Therefore, it is always necessary to undergo a teeth whitening procedure to smile confidently, instead of hiding your teeth by chuckling when you want to laugh louder. Teeth whitening are the dental procedure to lighten teeth and to remove discoloration and stains to offer a confident smiling experience. Whitening of teeth is the most common and popular cosmetic dental procedure today and it is greatly opted by individuals who want to improve the look of their teeth.

So, if you are uncomfortable while smiling and simply satisfying yourself with a chuckle due to stained teeth and discoloration, then Plasma Arc Whitening System at Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic would be the ultimate choice for you. This is the advanced treatment procedure for discoloration and stained teeth that lightens the natural color of your teeth effectively in less than an hour, without removing the tooth surface. 32 Facts Dental Clinic endeavors to bring back your dazzling smile in your face and help you smile confidently forever.

The dental bleaching at 32 Facts is done with high-tech plasma arc based highly developed technology which is specifically intended to bleach the entire anterior portion in just one-sitting. With the introduction of latest technologies in dentistry, 32 Facts now conduct laser assisted teeth whitening procedure that brightens up to 10 shades in less than an hour, without causing sensitivity. Therefore, getting improved and sparkling teeth is now easier and faster in just one sitting with Plasma Arc Whitening System at Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic.

Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic Delhi specializes in offering bleaching pens and home bleaching trays that enable the patients to maintain the natural color of teeth in few steps at their home, thus eliminating the burden of frequent visit to dental clinic.

Teeth Whitening or Dental Bleaching is the most common treatment procedure in the field of dentistry, especially in cosmetic dentistry. Most of the dentists offer teeth whitening procedure today in their dental clinic that lightens teeth and remove discoloration and stains from teeth, either in one sitting or in several visits. The deciduous teeth of child tend to be whither compared to the teeth of an adult and as they grow older, their teeth start getting darker gradually due to several factors including: • Alteration in the mineral structure of tooth because the enamel tend to become less permeable
• Bacterial pigments
• Changes in eating style
• Food stuffs
• Tobacco
• Due to the consumption of certain antibiotic drugs, especially tetracycline

Why should you get your Tooth Whitening Treatment Done from Us?
If you want to get back the sparkling teeth again to enjoy confident smile forever, then visit Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic at Ashok Vihar, North Delhi to experience the highly professional teeth bleaching/power whitening treatment that you deserve. Decades of trust of the patients and rich experience in the field of dentistry make us stand apart from the crowd and the best opted choice for patients globally.

Most of the patients visiting our dental clinic at Ashok Vihar, North Delhi are quite frustrated with the discoloration of the teeth that mainly gets discolored either due to aging or factors like drinks, foodstuffs, coffee, wine and tea. Chain smokers generally need teeth whitening treatment at regular intervals as they tend to have discolored teeth more often due to smoking. Besides, people with cracks in teeth also tend to get stains beneath the surface of teeth and may require teeth whitening procedure.

The expert panel of dentists at Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic firstly checks the oral health and the condition of teeth to determine whether or not you required a professional bleaching. We never explain the total cost of the procedure until we determine the root cause and find out the best way to treat the condition.


The teeth whitening treatment offered at Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi generally lasts for a span of 4-5 years, depending upon the lifestyle and maintenance done by the patients. If the patients start taking drinks like red wine and coffee and smoking after the procedure, the effects of the procedure will gradually reduce for fewer years and they again need to undergo the whitening procedure to preserve the natural color of teeth. So, it is advisable to minimize the intake of caffeine and smoking to prevent the formation of tartar.

After the procedure is over, the patients may experience temporary pain or soreness and even sensitivity to cold or hot eatables and gum pains, but it will automatically alleviate after few days of treatment.

To preserve the effects of the procedure for long time we recommend special products to patients like tooth mousse. It not only stabilizes the shade of your teeth, but also alleviates the post operative sensitivity which patients may encounter.

Many people are opting for this teeth whitening procedure to enjoy a brighter smile on their face. So, if you are seeking to have the sparkling smile again, then Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic Delhi is the place for you to visit to get it done in correct way possible. The dental clinic not just takes care of your teeth, but innovate smiles.



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