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Teeth Cleaning

o Teeth Whitening
Pale color of teeth is not since childhood, they just get yellowish after some time. The reasons for this pale color of teeth might be numerous like pollution, non cleansing activity regularly, etc. sometimes it may also happen because of using some kind of mouth fresheners. This pale color of teeth looks really bad and it feels like untidy. Those who have pale colored teeth can consult to the doctor and can whiten their teeth from the teeth whitening activity. This teeth whitening activity leads to the white color of teeth and he gets his natural teeth color back. This teeth whitening procedure is also commonly known as teeth bleaching. Teeth bleaching generally come under cosmetic dentistry because in this type of whitening the teeth are whitened beyond their natural color. This is normally done by celebrities and other people who minutely care about their physical appearance. There are home kits available in the market by which teeth whitening can be done.

o How teeth whitening are done?
There are different methods of whitening the teeth and they use different solutions for this procedure like hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide etc.. Some of them are described below: -

• IN OFFICE: - in office bleaching procedures, a light protective layer is painted over the teeth and are made white. This whitening process is effective on yellow teeth, but not on gray ones. The carbamide peroxide content in used to save the soft tissues of teeth from chemical burns.

• WHITENING TOOTHPASTES: - whitening toothpastes rarely contain hydrogen peroxide contents for teeth whitening which adds a thin layer on the teeth. Mostly they contain alumina, calcium carbonate for removing the stain from the teeth for getting original teeth color.


o Teeth contouring
The process reshaping or perfect alignment of teeth is called teeth contouring. You may have seen so many people whose teeth are not aligned properly and seems very unattractive. The small amount of tooth enamel is removed to give the proper shape, size and alignment of the teeth. Teeth contouring removes various problems that normal person can have in the teeth. It helps in

1. Crooked teeth: - the teeth which have some cavities in them.
2. Chipped teeth: - the fallen teeth due some kind of accidents.
3. Cracked teeth: - the single tooth which have some crack.
4. Overlapping teeth: - the overlapping of two or more teeth over the other.

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