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Dental Implants

If you have fractured teeth or if your tooth is missing then you have to take immediate steps to get the solution for the same. This is because; if you ignore it then finally you will have chewing problems and the teeth around the affected space will also become weak. Benefit of using dental implants as the best option is that, this looks like a natural tooth and even it feels like that.

Here are some of the facts and truths you need to know about dental implants

• Some people have myth that dental implant surgery is quite painful and due to this they may not want to get one for them. But if they are candidate for the dental implant surgery then they have to get the same done. This is because; if you choose a good dentist then perhaps this surgery will not be that much painful. Yes, it might cause a bit of discomfort. But slowly and steadily you will get used to that.

• The innovative and new dentists have good hand at the newer treatments and methods. Using good quality titanium root for implants will help in installing the crown in it and then this will be long lasting solution. The entire work should be done perfectly. Thus all you need is a good dental surgeon who is a dental implant specialist too.

• There's one more benefit of using dental implant and that is, since it is artificial in nature, it won't have cavities. Natural tooth will have these issues, but the crowns and bridges that are installed would never have. Thus, they are a life time solution for your maladies

• Some people feel that they can live with missing teeth. But then that will lead to bone loss and finally you might end up infecting your cavity. It is therefore vital that when you have some problem with your teeth then you should immediately consult the dentist for treatment. Dental implant treatment help to avoid bone loss and that would rather attach with the natural bone with bone stimulation.

(1) Mrs Sudesh Chawla - (IND)

(2) Mr. Pradeep Kawatra - (USA)

(3) Pradeep Jain - (IND)


Many people do not know the facts and truths about dental implants and so they may not want to go for that. But after knowing, you will be able to get a better picture. Before you settle down for a dentist just verify in regards to the reputation and references. The dentist who has good experience and expertise in the field of dental implants should be approached for the dental treatments for missing teeth. The fees would vary, but in general, dental implants are bit expensive than the other treatments. Usually the first session has setting up the root and then after a few months, there will be need to install the implant or the crown.



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