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Prosthodontic Treatment

Prosthodontics at 32 Facts

Prosthodontics is that part of dentistry which deals with diagnosis, treatment, planning, rehabilitation, maintenance of oral function, esthetics and health of the patients with clinical conditions related to deficient teeth, missing teeth and compromised maxilla-facial tissue with the help of biocompatible substitutes. It is known as dental prosthetics or prosthetic dentistry and is an area which focuses on dental prostheses.

Anyone can suffer from missing teeth due to various circumstances which can be due to dental decay, trauma or destruction of the connecting tissue. Congenital missing of teeth is not very rare either. In other words prosthetic dentistry means replacement of missing teeth, all teeth or soft tissues through a series of artificial methods. It is also the transposition of damaged teeth with crown which is to replace the visible part of the teeth.

Healthy gums are important aspect of oral health. As we all know, any kind of gum infection is a dangerous ailment and might lead to teeth loss. It has been observed that patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other systematic conditions have been linked oral disorder. Needless to say, if you suffer from multiple missing teeth and have issues with chewing food, then Modi Dental Clinic (32 Facts) is at your service which is specialised in offering all kinds of Prosthodontic treatments.

Fixed Prosthodontics: It is that area of prosthodontics which is concentrated on permanently attached dental prosthesis. Such kind of dental restorations are also known as indirect restorations and these include the crowns, bridges, inlays, outlays and veneers. The fixed prosthodontics is also used to restore single or multiple teeth that comprise of the area where the teeth has been lost. The greatest advantages of this process as compared to direct restorations is the firm strength and the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing tooth.

Removable Prosthodontics: The removable partial denture replaces one or more teeth in the same arch. It is the specialty of dentistry which replaces missing teeth with the help of removable prosthesis, and is concerned with replacing the teeth and soft tissues with a non-permanent prosthesis which can be removed. These are basically known as dentures and can replace full arch of teeth (complete dentures) or a number of individual or grouped tooth spaces (partial dentures). The dentures are held into its space using number of elements, eg. the complete dentures are supported by forming a seal against the palate and the saliva which is important in this process. While the partial dentures are held in space by their design which means that they have a metal base and little clasp which sit against the teeth and prevent from getting disoriented. In all these cases the experience of the patient plays a major role in how well the teeth are managed. Sometimes, the remaining part of the teeth also helps to retain the denture in which magnets are used into the root surfaces of the worn teeth.

Maxillofacial Prosthodontics: It is the sub-specialty of Prosthodontics that comprises of rehabilitation of patients with disabilities and defects which were present at the time of birth or developed due to a trauma or disease. This practice uses all kinds of dental discipline to treat, manage and prosthetically reconstruct the patient's teeth suffering from cancer or cancer therapy which has impacted their oral forms. This process is often needed to replace the missing areas of bone or tissues and predominantly to restore oral functions like speech, swallowing and chewing. Basically maxilla facial prosthodontics is required to habilitate esthetics and functions of the patients with congenital, acquired and developments defects of neck and head.

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