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Get To Know The Top 5 Advantages Of Dental Implants

Millions of people who have lost tooth or damaged teeth are no longer struggling to chew their food or keep their smile intact. Gradual advancement in dentistry has now enabled dentists to offer dental implant treatment at an affordable cost. Extensive scientific studies conducted over the years have made it quite apparent that such dental treatment comes with a good success rate. The best part is anyone above an age of 18 years is suitable to undergo the treatment. However, if you are a heavy smoker or have severe diabetes, there is a possibility to experience an impaired healing, but there is nothing to worry as a skilled dentist starts the procedure only after careful examination.

Therefore, with a surge in dental clinics offering the implants in a secure manner at a reasonable cost, it is worthy to gain knowledge of the top five advantages of tooth implants.

1. Durable:
These last for a long time, which can be beyond 20 years. If you do flossing and brushing regularly, implants may last even longer i.e. for a lifetime! Durability is more in comparison to dental bridges, which usually lasts for 5-7 years. You may need only periodic adjustments and that too rarely.

2. Aesthetics:
You do not have to stop smiling. The dental process maintains the natural shape of your face. With a restored smile, gone will be the days of embarrassment. The distinct improvement in your smile will boost confidence and appearance.

3. Bone Loss Prevention:
When there are a missing tooth or teeth, the jaw bone degrades gradually. The dental implant procedure preserves the natural bone and deters any possible loss of the same. Today, some clinics also offer full arch implants if all of your teeth are missing.

4. Easier eating:
With a tooth exactly functioning like your natural tooth, you will experience remarkable ease in chewing your favorite food. Just make sure to avoid chewing excessively hard food.

5. Convenience:
Unlike dentures that you are supposed to keep in a cup when not in use, dental implants offer convenience. Your teeth or tooth will remain in your mouth without any possibility of falling down suddenly while eating, yawning, etc.

Moreover, tooth implants also help in improving speech, as with removable dentures, pronouncing even everyday words seems like a continuous struggle. So, reach out to the best dental clinic that provides fixed teeth services while maintaining strict hygiene standards. If you have a good jawbone, there are some clinics, which offer same-day implants. Visit Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Clinic in New Delhi and book an appointment or call at +91-9811232927 for the same. This multi-specialty ISO 9000:2000 certified clinic offers some of the best treatments like dental implants, tooth whitening, cosmetic surgery, orthodontic treatment, and much more at affordable rates. The state-of-the-art clinic is spread on a sprawling area of 2000 square ft. It is a preferred destination of many for getting a variety of dental treatments in the entire NCR region as well as in India.

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