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Why Dental Tourism

In India we get high quality dental services at affordable rates. Our clinics have equipment that match the international standards. We have around one lakh dentists spread all over the country. Every year people come from Europe and USA to India for dental treatments, and then visit the tourist destinations.

In countries such as USA, majority of the people do not have dental insurance. However comprehensive their medical packages are, but they do not provide dental coverage on them. Thus for expensive dental services like implants, rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry, people fly to India which promises quality dental care services.

32 Facts and Dental Tourism

With our expert team to aid you, no query will go unanswered. In addition, you can always discuss your concerns ahead of the procedures. This will aid you in understanding the details of the procedure while ensuring that you are never left in a lurch. Our clients are top priority for us and the team at 32 Facts takes utmost care to sail them through these procedures. Foreign patients find 32 Facts as a suitable dental tourist destination because:

High quality service

State of the art facilities

English speaking doctors and staff

Affordable and good dental care services

Tourist destinations nearby

Friendly atmosphere and staff

Good accommodation facilities

32 Facts strongly support the cause of dental tourism, and believes in giving the best service to our foreign customers, and treat them with hospitality and care. We work towards satisfying our foreign patients providing them the best and appropriate dental treatments also making sure that they have a memorable time visiting our country.

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