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Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth or Third molar extraction(removal) has been one of the commonest procedures these days.They are usually four in number,one at each corner of gums,growing in early 20s.

All 28 teeth are already there in the mouth till this time masking most of the jaws. So,sometimes there is not enough space for third molars to grow out, resulting in their altered growth. They can be tilted, semi-emerged or stuck inside the jaw. This condition is harmless, until and unless it is causing any discomfort or creating dental problems.

Many a times, it is associted with decay ,trapped plaque and infections causing gum problems,swelling and harming other teeth in the mouth. If it is so, it needs to be removed after thorough examination using radiographs. This procedure is done using Local anaesthetic injection, given to numb the area and make the procedure painless and comfortable. The dentist sometimes has a give a small cut on the gums or cut the tooth into pieces followed by moving it back and forth ,for its comfortable removal. this treatment may take a few minutes or may be a little longer than that.

Ther may be a little pain or swelling following this procedure that can be easily controlled with relevant medications.

At Modi's '32 Facts' prosthodontic and implant centre, all types of extractions are taken care of with latest equipments like lasers and painless techniques.



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